Stock Control Scanning System

Controlling stock movement in warehouses can be difficult and time-consuming. This system aims to alleviate hassle and streamline the process of controlling stock flow, and make stock take a considerably less painful experience. Using a Windows CE5 mobile scanning device, a warehouse worker can scan barcoded items in and out of warehouses, and perform a stock take. When the device is docked to a pc, a data file for each session can be imported into Pastel Evolution to automatically track inventory movement.


  • Sync your Evolution inventory items, projects and warehouses to the device
  • Choose whether to scan stock in or out, or do a stock take
  • Choose the warehouse, choose the project, scan items
  • Create a data file on docking the device
  • Upload the data file to Evolution
  • Produce a variance report
  • Recommended hardware: DataLogic Memor mobile device
  • Windows CE5 .net and Microsoft SQL CE
  • Webservice for file upload uses IIS and Microsoft .net v3.5