PLC Dashboard

PLC Dashboard is an application for diplaying real-time data from an OPC server on a dashboard.  It reads the OPC tags real-time and writes the data to a SQL database for reporting purposes. All data is displayed on the dashboard in real-time. It was designed to provide real-time feedback directly on the fatory floor for a manufacturing concern in Port Elizabeth as well as sending periodic reports to the required parties.


  • Displays real-time data along with historical data for each machine linked to the OPC Server
  • Can display up to 4 machines per screen.
  • Multiple screens can be configured to display additional machines.
  • Screens cycle on a predetermined interval.
  • Individual targets can be set per machine per shift.
  • Displays will change colour when targets are reached.
  • Can be broken down into shifts on the display.
  • Reports are generated at the end of each shift.
  • Fully customizable parameters for each shift.
  • Reports are automatically emailed to the designated recipients.
  • Optional – By using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, reports can be viewed
    at any time.

Technical Information:

  • Microsoft .net v4.0 with C#
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Express
  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services