Custom Pastel Integration

In addition to being an experienced and accredited Pastel reseller, SSG is also able to offer custom software development to integrate legacy systems with Pastel Partner, Pastel Evolution and Pastel Payroll. This is done through the Pastel SDK (Software Development Kit), which is available as an additional module for each application with a yearly license renewal fee. Some of the integration projects we have completed include:

  • Extracting detailed supplier invoice data from multiple supplier systems and importing it into a customer’s Pastel Partner database for detailed, accurate accounts payable with no data capture necessary and no risk of human error while capturing.
  • Importing manufacturing information from an IBM Datalogix manufacturing control system into Pastel Evolution for detailed sales analysis and reporting.
  • Custom tripsheets for deliveries based on sales invoices, grouped by delivery area.
  • Courier system integration with Pastel Partner for the automatic synchronisation of invoices and customer information.

We will use our years of working experience with Pastel products to craft a tailored, streamlined, efficient solution to any integration challenge.