Alchemex Report Development

We provide software development and architecture services for desktop, mobile, web and cloud based solutions.

Software Development and IT in general has a long history of non-delivery and expectations not being met. A massive part of this has always simply been down to bad communication and limited visibility. emediaIT addresses this by building real relationships with our clients whereby trust and honesty are all important together with regular communications and visibility of our systems and information.

We have always prided ourselves on our processes, systems and methodologies and nowhere are these more obvious than in our Software Development Team and the quality of what they produce. We utilise the latest and most efficient Project Management, Software Development and Application Lifecycle Management productivity tools to ensure that we are able to deal with the demands of modern enterprise level software development and architecture.

Agility and flexibility in relation to our clients’ needs is often as important as having structured processes and it has been through continuous improvement and maturing as an organisation that we have been able to create a methodology which allows for this. Time, functionality and cost are a constant trade off, but this is managed with an iterative approach to all phases of the project.