ICT Outsourcing

Outsourcing an entire IT division or some functions within the IT department enable clients to establish a more efficient and cost effective IT environment. This will enable the client to focus on it’s core business activities. We offer outsourcing of facilities such as Systems and Network Support, Desktop Support and ICT Management functions.

ICT strategy development and Management

An ICT strategy alligned to Business objectives has become critical to any business. We will audit your site and assist you in developing an ICT strategy that is in line with your business objectives.. Opportunities to reduce costs and risk will be identified and this will result in an improved return on investment. A clearly defined roadmap with deliverables will be developed.

Maintenance Contracts for servers, desktops and printers

Our technical staff will manage and maintain your Servers, desktops and printers. Our performance will be measured against an agreed Service Level Agreement.

Information security assessment and management

Information security is often grossly neglected by management. Only when a disaster occurs is it highlighted. Often this is too late.
We will survey your business and do a risk analysis regarding security of your data as well as your infrastructure. We will manage and maintain your security needs on your behalf.

Hardware and Software audits

We will asses your risk and make recommendations to create an integrated, flexible service-oriented architecture for your enterprise.

Project Management

Using proven methodologies, tools and industry best practices our Project Management services division will manage your projects covering the entire ICT spectrum – from infrastructure to Software (Application and System software).

Upgrading of ICT infrastructure

Management of companies continuously need to have the capability to support increasingly complex ICT configurations
We will establish your needs with regards to ICT infastructure, taking into account current as well as future needs and draw up a roadmap to meet those needs.

Storage and Server consolidation

Often unnessecary funds are allocated to hardware. These wastages can be minimized by maximising the performance of your servers and storage devices. Our engineers will assist you to optimize your investment in Storage devices and Servers.

Disaster Recovery

Companies that are unable to recover from a major disaster put their clients, employees and shareholders in an extremely vulnerable position. We will establish your needs regarding recovery of your site and your data, and enable you to be back in business in the shortest period of time.