New In Microsoft Teams

With Teams growing in popularity and so many of our customers now using it we have decided to publish a list of new features as they are being made available by the Microsoft developers.

  • Express Yourself
    You are now also able to not only raise your hand in a meeting. But also Like, Love, Applause and Laugh. These reactions are available if you hover over the Show reaction menu item. The submenu of options are shown below. For more information goto
  • Custom Backgrounds
    Using the option, Background filters, you may select from a number of stock images provided or upload your own images to set as the background. You can also user the blur function to obscure everything behind you. So while you will appear sharp, the rest of your meeting space will be obscured.
  • Security From Cellphone
    For Team members dialing via a cellphone, their cellphone number will now be hidden from any other participants outside your organization. In order to enhance privacy.
  • Size of Chat Group Increased
    Up to 300 members may now participate in a group chat.